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Does your wood deck look old and tired? Did you know that over time, the combination of harmful UV rays and water can cause damage to your deck? And, that this damage can lead to splintering, shrinking, warping, graying, or mildewing of the wood? Does your deck fit this description? If so, then why not call Spray Away, Inc. and schedule a free estimate for a complete makeover!
At Spray Away, Inc. we use a revolutionary system that operates on very low water pressure. Known as "pressure-less" cleaning, the use of this system restores old looking wood to a like-new condition without causing any of the damage typically done with traditional high pressure washing. In order to remove dirt from wood surfaces, the traditional methods of pressure washing can use excessive amounts of water pressure causing the wood grain to raise and splinter. At Spray Away, Inc. we use a fraction of that pressure while obtaining far superior results and no permanent wood damage. Because of this, the life of your decking is prolonged considerably.
Spray Away, Inc. uses a cleaning solution that is safe and biodegradable. It contains no harsh bleaching agents, yet successfully brightens the wood while also removing mold and mildew. Our chemical stripping process will clean and lift most existing stains, creating a surface that is ready to accept your new coat of stain.
Every grade of stain used by Spray Away, Inc. is highly rated by a national consumer magazine. By protecting your deck from the elements with these quality products you will dramatically reduce future maintenance requirements for your outdoor living space. Our stain application process leaves a smooth, long lasting, protective coating that is not only mildew resistant but can be easily cleaned with soap and water.
In these challenging economic times, Spray Away, Inc. recognizes that maintaining what we already have makes good financial sense. By choosing any one of our three different cleaning packages, you can restore your existing deck while adding protection for the future. Whether preparing to sell or preparing to stay awhile, why not let Spray Away, Inc. "make a good thing even better"!
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